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Click vent

Natural anodized surface finish.

Not visible from outside.

Click vents will always be positioned in the jamb where possible.

Free opening of 4000mm² in VELFAC 200 DGU windows.

Documentation on airflow can be supplied for specific projects.

Watch the video How to operate the VELFAC click vent.


In order to comply with Guidance Paper Part F 2006, VELFAC 200 windows are marked with the equivalent area (EA) of one click vent.

The EA is marked on the window ID-label.

The EA printed on the ID-label is for one ventilator.
If several ventilators are fitted in the element, the EA must be multiplied “manually” – the EA are not multiplied on the label.

The EA will not be visible in VELFAC 200 fixed casement elements but all EA’s in each product series are the same.

Equivalent area HEAD: 1559mm2 (due to drip cap)
Equivalent area JAMB: 2994mm2


Guide - how to replace the vent


Acoustic performance using VELFAC click vent